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Linux is great. We know it because we use it on the desktop and on the server. You might have heard about it already, but dismissed it because moving to Linux from a Microsoft Windows environment is difficult without some self-training and technical knowledge. Considering the switch to Linux in the workplace, is even more daunting. Switching to macOS on Apple hardware is financially out of reach for many. Finding linux-based replacements for the Windows applications that you use is, for the most part, quite is easy. Web Browsing, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Tasks, Notes, Calendars, File Management and Image Management are all part any of linux distro. Of course, there are some Windows applications which can't be replaced, or have a specific place in your Windows desktop life. That said, we're confident in demonstrating the personal, business and enterprise use of Linux in the form of Ubuntu Desktop with GNOME, Plasma KDE or Xfce for a highly stable working desktop or laptop environment. If you want Linux that always receives the very latest updates, without bleeding-edge risks, we can introduce you to Manjaro. And, best of all, there's no licensing costs, and almost all apps are available free of charge, thanks to the open-source community, some of which is financially backed by some very big IT organisations such as Canonical, Red Hat, Intel, Google, KDE, GNOME Foundation, etc, and all of their supporters.

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