Acceptable Use Policy

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Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

All Clients

Breach of the AUP can result in your account, or an individual service within your account, being suspended, taken offline, and your access to it removed until we decide otherwise. Suspended accounts are at risk of being deleted from our servers without giving you prior access to make backups. If your account/service is suspended, you will be contacted by email to discuss the issue. If we can resolve the issue, suspension will be removed and your account/serice will become active again. Repeat offenders will be banned from our services without refund whatsoever.

Under no circumstances are our services to be used :

  • to orchestrate or distribute unsolicited bulk email (UBE, Spam, unwanted email, etc)
  • to orchestrate or take part in any distributed denial of service attack (DDoS)
  • to abuse, threaten or harm any group or individual, whether electronically, physically or mentally
  • to host, link to, promote, underage imagery, video or other media of underage pornography of any kind
  • for mining bitcoin, or for any other non website or file hosting CPU-related activities without prior consent
  • for fraud, phishing, website impersonation or intended misidentification of services
  • Shared Cloud Hosting Clients Only

    Shared hosting is a self-managed service via the Web Hosting Control Panel and your FTP access.

    We are not your Webmaster, Web Developer or Database administrator, unless you agree to pay us for the work we carry out for you.

    Cloud VM Hosting Clients Only

    Cloud VM hosting is a fully-managed service, but limited to the initial setup, updates, web hosting control panel installation and its basic configuration.

    We are not your Webmaster, Web Developer or Database administrator, unless you agree to pay us for the work we carry out for you.

    All Cloud VM's come with full Root Access and a Web Hosting Control Panel which clients may have full access to at any time.

    All Cloud VM's are configured with a Wheel user (for our use) for which we must always be able to access with full administrator privileges. Clients may change the Root password at any time without notifying us, but not change the password of our Wheel user, or disable it. Clients that remove/restrict our administrator rights may have their Cloud VM suspended until the issue is resolved.

    For management and security reasons, we do not provide access to the Virtual Machine Control Panel, ie. the data center configuration panel, which sits between the VM and the Parent / Host Node controlling the VMs. This is simply to prevent known and experienced abuse.

    To prevent mailing and misidentity abuse, Reverse DNS (rDNS) requests must always be submitted to us, and require our approval, before being applied in the Virtual Machine Control Panel.

    Swap space is initially configured at 1GB and stored in your main primary volume. Under no circumstances should the total configured swap space exceed the Swap limit shown on your Cloud VM hosting plan. If your VM has a Storage Volume added, do not use that for Swap.

    We will never provide more than 3 x IPv4 address per Cloud VM. We provide 1 free IPv4 and 1 IPv6, others are at cost.

    Any VM with a consistent system load average of 100% or more, clearly requires more system resources. In this case, we must agree your upgrade path, or your VPS will be suspended for overuse of resources.

    Any VM with a consistent memory load (RAM and Swap) of 95% or more, where cached files are less than 20%, clearly requires more system resources. In this case, we should discuss your upgrade path, or your VM may repeatedly run out of memory and could affect your data integrity.

    Any VM with a consistent storage (disk) space usage of 95%, or has less than 2GB storage for the operating system to function, clearly requires more system resources. In this case, we must agree your upgrade path, or your VM will repeatedly fail with disk full issues, seriously affecting your data integrity.

    Automated Weekly Backups, if part of your hosting plan or selected as an add-on service, require enough storage space to process their backup tasks else backups will fail due to disk full. If your VM is too tight on storage space and cannot perform the automated backups successfully, you must upgrade to the next suitable hosting plan, or add a Storage Volume to facilitate the backup procedure. The alternative is to discontinue our automated weekly backups (at your risk) though data center snapshots are taken daily.

    If there is no beneficial upgrade available in your current set of plans, we will analyse your server and website usage patterns and try to offer another way forward.

    Cloud VM's are KVM-based hosting environments and cannot be downgraded. This restriction is due to how file handling is performed at virtualisation level for KVM instances. We will always remind you of this when you ask for any upgrade to take place. If your upgrade reason is regarding storage, but your CPU usage is low-to-medium, you may benefit from adding only storage and not by upgrading the whole plan. We want to configure your server to suit your usage, as well as your pocket!


    If you have any questions about the above, please let us know.