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Shared Cloud SSD

Share a high availability SSD Cloud Compute Instance.

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From $5/mo

Available in London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York and more.

Private Cloud VPS

Your own Private SSD Cloud Compute Instance (VPS).

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From $49/mo

Available in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, New York and more.

Cloud Compute Technology

Cloud compute technology is a superior approach to web hosting that provides the highest possible availability and reliability due to a multi-server load-balancing node configuration (aka farm or cluster) with high-speed RAID-protected network attached SSD storage. These host nodes decide which should run your VM (aka instance) and if any node becomes overloaded, or even malfunctions, the instance can be adopted by another node. In comparison, standard Shared Hosting and standard VPS run on large single server nodes with no special balanacing or failover in place. In addition, Cloud compute technology brings the added benefit of snapshots, backups which can take a copy of the live system and can be used to recover an entire server from a system or storage unit catastrophe.

Shared vs Private

Simply put, Shared Cloud is a the most cost-effective approach to reaching the benefits of cloud hosting, and it's great for smaller needs. But. When it comes to separation, or hosting unlimited domains and needing more SSD storage space with the ability to expand your resources later as needed, Cloud VPS (private cloud) is the way to go. A single private cloud compute instance can be expanded to a very impressive 32 Cores, 128GB RAM and 1920GB SSD storage with the Shared Cloud SSD NVMe platform also allowing Network Attached Storage Volumes upto 10TB each.

Any businesses with important, private, sensitive data should consider using their own VPS to protect their data, website availability and therefore their reputation.