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Account Backups

Account backups are not included in this plan. You can opt to add backups for $50 USD /mo. See our Backupspage for more details.

Account Configuration

Hosting Location

Subject to the availability of a Magento Shared Cloud Server in your preferred hosting location without overloading its resources such as CPU, Memory or Storage. If no current availability, we'll build a new server to suit, or offer you an alternative to consider.

Magento Preparation

Your hosting account will be provided blank, ready for you to install Magento. If you would prefer us to prepare Magento 2.3 Community Edition for your use, there is a Setup Fee of $95 USD.

Transfer Assistance

Do you already have Magento hosting with another provider and need transfer assistance?

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Neither of us are under any obligation to each other until we accept your order and you have completed your payment, which will be requested if we accept your order.

Once you have paid your hosting fee, there are no refunds under any circumstances.


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Shared Hosting Reminder

Shared Hosting Accounts are self-managed, by you, via the Virtualmin Web Hosting Control Panel, which we consider, a great alternative to cPanel. You can upload your web content via the control panel, or by the more common method, FTP with SFTP secure logins.

We have install scripts available such as phpMyAdmin for your MySQL managment, and Roundcube webmail for your on-server emails, though we recommend that you forward emails to your own third-party email account, such as Gmail, and configure Gmail to authenticate outgoing email via our servers. A WordPress install script is also available for your CMS needs. FREE SSL Certificates (for https://) are available in the control panel, for your domains and sub-domains, provided through LetsEncrypt.

You may use the account as you wish, as long as it's internationally legal, and you're not mailing out spam. Abusers will have their accounts disabled, with no option of performing a backup and no refund whatsoever. For more information, see our Terms for full details.