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High availability KVM SSD Cloud Compute Instances for multi-regional enterprise grade web hosting.

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Upto 24 Cores, 96GB RAM and 1600GB SSD
Available in 13 Locations
From $49 /mo

Cloud VPS SSD Plus

High availability KVM SSD Cloud Compute Instances with CPU and Storage upto 30% faster.

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Upto 20 Cores, 96GB RAM and 1920GB SSD
Available in 6 Locations
From $49 /mo


High availability KVM SSD NVMe Cloud Compute Instances offering Dedicated CPU Cores.

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Upto 32 Cores, 128GB RAM and 540GB SSD NVMe
Attachable Storage Volumes Upto 10TB SSD
Available in 1 Location
From $49 /mo

About VPS Hosting

Moving from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting is absolutely the right decision for any business-related website or service that has some reliance on its online reputation as part of their business model. Some of the benefits include an improved user experience due to the server working only for your websites; being able to choose your server's technical specications; being able to choose your server's physical location; to be able to configure your hosting accounts as you wish within the limits of the hosting plan. A dedicated IP address brings additional reputation benefits, along with private/vanity name servers (if required). Other benefits include choice of storage type, and the size of that storage. Drawbacks include; potentially higher running costs for the hosting and administration, but the drawbacks are small compared to the benefits.